innovative solutions

The developed innovative technologies and calculation methods for glass enable the construction of glass supporting structures which result in maximum transparency, without hampering structural safety. Examples of innovative solutions provided by Vitroplena are: 


  • glass stairs, which limit the feeling of space-intake and create a floating effect
  • glass skybox/greenhouse, supported by glass columns and beams for maximum view
  • structural glass walls, which make interior supporting columns redundant and hence enable the creation of large, free spaces
  • transparent column-beam systems, which support for example (multi-span) floors, roofs and façades, resulting in a floating effect
  • glass roofs, transparently supported, which enable a skyview at day and night from the inside
  • maximum transparent glass façades, for maximum view
  • all-glass 3D structures, a new generation of transparent construction
  • glass swimming pool (walls) and aquariums, for a special, look-through effect and a smooth integration in interior as well as exterior applications
  • glass balconies, enabling a maximum view and creating a floating effect
  • glass canopies, which provide protection against precipitation without limiting the view
  • glass parapets, for a maximum view and enhanced safety against climbing (e.g. for kids)


The renders below give an impression of how these innovative solutions could look like in practical applications